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Phillip is the Managing Director for Asphar Recruitment, a human resource specialist and recruitment center in Western Australia, providing both candidates and client companies with matches for temporary and permanent employment services.

With a Diploma in Personnel Management, Phillip continued to discover his niche in the recruitment sector, building an impressive five decades of professional expertise.

Beginning with Asphar Recruitment in the leadership capacity, Phillip draws on his innate decisiveness to consistently fuel the company’s national expansion.  


Recruitment and Executive Search Services

Decision making

Phillip Asphar - Recruitment Expert - Asphar Recruitment

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Phillip Asphar - Recruitment Expert - Asphar Recruitment

Phillip Asphar Is A Remarkable Recruitment Expert Highly Regarded In His Line Of Work Keywords: Phillip Asphar, recruitment, Asphar Recruitment ...

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Stanford Who’s Who welcomes Phillip Asphar to the ranks of leading professionals as a result of their phenomenal effort in the Recruitment | Executive Search Firm industry.

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Stanford Who's Who

Upon acceptance into the Stanford Who's Who, Phillip Asphar was awarded a certificate of recognition to commemorate their achievment.

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